Sheep Manure 20L Floral


Very popular with many farmers and gardeners, sheep manure is one of the richest fertilizers. A natural product that is abundant in organic matter, it does not burn plants and is an ideal way to make heavy soil more crumbly. Or mix it into poor earth that lacks richness. It is appropriate for all kinds of crops.




Sheep manure


  • Effective and easy to use
  • Lightens clayey or heavy soil, ensuring better aeration and drainage
  • Equilibrates sandy soil
  • Improves draught resistance
  • An effective ecological fertilizer that is rich in potassium
  • Provides microorganisms that are indispensable to healthy soil
  • Can be used with a mixture of other soils to improve soil properties


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Tips of Rock Giguère

Sandy soil is very easy to work with. However it does not retain water or nutritional elements. Animal manure does an excellent job of improving the cohesion of this type of soil, preventing it from drying out too quickly and allowing it to retain fertilizing elements. Just add it in every year in the spring to revitalize sandy soil while feeding your plants.