Red Cedar Mulch 2 cu.ft. Floral


Red cedar mulch is an attractive, completely organic soil decoration that is fragrant, nutrient rich, economical, and easy to use. Made from 100% natural forest products, this renewable product is suitable for commercial and residential sites alike. It can be used around the base of trees, shrubs, young hedges, flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, surrounding a patio or pool, and on paths. It is more durable than mulches made from cocoa shells or shredded leaves, which break down rapidly.




  • Requires little maintenance
  • Helps keep landscapes beautiful
  • Creates lots of contrast with greenery
  • Limits weed growth
  • Helps soil retain humidity, reducing the need for watering
  • Nourishes soil over time, since it provides organic materials and fertilizing elements that decompose slowly
  • Prevents soil from becoming dense or packed down
  • Protects root systems
  • By protecting plants at their base from inclement weather, increases winter hardiness in new plants and superficial root systems


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Tips of Rock Giguère

Wherever soil has been left exposed, water loss will be a serious problem. Plants in these conditions transpire a lot during heat waves. So it is very important to maintain a good level of humidity in soil. Cedar mulch reduces evaporation and water loss very effectively, making it a good way to prevent soil from drying out.