Fine Abrasive Gravel Antiskid


Fine gravel provides traction on icy driveways and walkways, while the salt in this mixture melts ice. The low percentage of salt in this product is in line with our environmental policy.


10 KG


97% gravel, 3% salt


  • An effective product when sand alone is not enough for safety reasons
  • Makes it possible to reduce the use of de-icing agents, thanks to its low concentration of salt
  • Less damaging to vegetation and the environment than concentrated salt
  • A less expensive option compared to extensive use of de-icing salt

Tips of Rock Giguère

Because it absorbs water so readily, concentrated salt is a formidable enemy to living cells. This means that it can deprive plant roots of a large amount of available ground water. Salt should only be used in the most limited quantities in the winter. A mixture of sand and gravel should be chosen over salt whenever possible.