Black Cedar Mulch 2 cu.ft. Floral


Black cedar mulch is an attractive, completely organic soil decoration that is fragrant, nutrient rich, economical, and easy to use. Made from 100% natural forest products, this renewable product is suitable for commercial and residential sites alike. It can be used around the base of trees, shrubs, young hedges, flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, surrounding a patio or pool, and on paths. It is more durable than mulches made from cocoa shells or shredded leaves, which break down rapidly.




  • Requires little maintenance
  • Helps keep landscapes beautiful
  • Its subtle, black hue harmonizes well with all colour combinations and looks like organic earth
  • Limits weed growth
  • Helps soil retain humidity, reducing the need for watering
  • Nourishes soil over time, since it provides organic materials and fertilizing elements that decompose slowly
  • Prevents soil from becoming dense or packed down
  • Protects root systems
  • By protecting plants at their base from inclement weather, increases winter hardiness in new plants and superficial root systems


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Tips of Rock Giguère

Applying mulch is good for the environment. It is also going to be more and more important in the future since we are getting increasingly heavy rainfalls. Spreading a protective layer over the soil is a very effective way of ensuring that water gently filters down into the earth instead of beating it apart.